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Restaurants in Madrid

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2.501 places to eat in Madrid

Cafés in Madrid
Chocolatería San Gines
The Chocolatería San Ginés is a charming place. Part of it is actually due to the old decoration and furniture: the counter, the wall clock, the marble tables will not go unnoticed to the lovers of antiques, but what it is really famous for is the chocolate with churros (strips of fried dough): very thick and served in traditional white cups and typical waiters. The churros and porras (variety of churros, thicker) are to die for and even during the winter they put the tables outside in the narrow street, warmed up with lamps. The customers at San Ginés are varied. It is a shame it is almost always packed, especially during weekends, when foreigners occupy the terrace and the place. The price? Reasonable: a portion of chocolate with churros costs 3.50€. Good value for price. In short, an amazing place to end up a party night with friends or to invite the kids for a snack.
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Restaurants in Madrid
After trying many of them, I think this one is the best Japanese restaurant in Madrid, at least the most authentic one (I guess other ones like Kabuki are slightly better but not as authentic). It is located in a narrow street behind Gran Vía, if you are coming from Moncloa, for example, the best is to go up Leganitos and look for a parking place. Something important before going: Tuesday is supposedly the best day to go, you will get the freshest fish. Even though we already know some unconditional fans of Miyama, we ordered the sample menu (38€ each). Well, before that, before we sat down even, I was surprised by the fact that there were two tables with Japanese people wearing suits. Japanese people in a Japanese restaurant in Madrid? Yes! This tells a lot about the place. The meal was delicious, full of delicacies, things I had never tasted in other Japanese in Madrid, at least not as good. We were told to order the "Ebi Fry", apparently impressive, but we decided to leave it for next time. I also liked the atmosphere a lot, the only bad point was the smell (I'd rather have a kitchen smell than an air freshener). Very good grade.
Cafés in Madrid
El Jardin Secreto
A really special place, with a very warm and romantic atmosphere. A cafe where you can try some exquisite dishes, coffees, infusions and especially cakes!! One of the most interesting characteristics is that all the furniture of the place is for sell. So that apart from spending some good time having a great coffee, you can go out from there with a lamp or a table. An ideal place to start the night, since they open at 6 pm, or to end it, since it closes at 2.30 am. I highly recommend it for a romantic evening or a good afternoon with friends.
Restaurants in Madrid
I went to this restaurant because ofthe great recommendations I read on minube, among other reason. I was not disappointed at all, everything was very tasty. According to what I understood, it is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Madrid. It is really small, better play it safe and reserve a table before going. I will not start talking about Japanese techniques, it is enough to know what sashimi or wasabi is. I will tell you that the menu is very "pure" in terms of aesthetics but also very practical and complete. There are various dishes from which you can choose. If you do not like sushi, it is not a problem, there are many other things like teriyaki chicken (very good). Something important, if you like beer you definitely should try one of the Japanese ones they offer (Asahi), apart from being very good, they serve it very cold, as it should be. I did not have dessert. For all those who like Japanese food, I recommend it 100%. By the way, there are a couple of parking lots nearby if you need to park your car.
Restaurants in Madrid
Tommy Mel's
Tommy Mel’s is another of those quality hamburger restaurants that are showing up across Madrid. It’s very well located, next to several other gourmet burger joints. Tommy Mel’s is opened to franchising and they already have another restaurant in Plenilunio, another in Xanadú and another in León. The aesthetics of the 1950s American diner is pulled off quite well, from the decoration to the tables and chairs, to the stools, to the short red aprons the waitresses wear. They don’t accept reservations, so you should show up ready to practice a little patience in order to get a table, seeing as it has become quite a popular place. The hamburgers are made of beef. They’re ground daily. They print all the ingredients that they put into their hamburgers on their hand-drawn napkins, which mention that it’s ox meat. But, you can tell by the flavor and, according to their website, the meat is made from 100% beef, nothing else. But, in any case, it’s very juicy and tender. There are two sizes, 160 grams and, for a little more, 250 grams. Although the small size is thin, it is cooked to perfection. The bun is handmade and made specifically for Tommy Mel’s. It’s bland on the outside and very soft, but it holds in the hamburger’s juices, and there are plenty. The bun size is also unique, so it’s perfect to encase 160 grams of meat, but it’s a little small for the 250 gram burger. Many of the hamburgers have a special sauce that, in the end, isn’t anything more than a Thousand Island-style dressing with pickles, but is very, very good. The most expensive hamburger is the double (two 160 gram meat patties) for less than 10 Euros, which isn’t bad at all considering the amount of food. However, the hamburgers don’t come with French fries. The good thing is that if you ask for fries, they’ll come with an option of melted cheese, bacon with blue cheese or covered in chili. The bowl that they give you is of considerable size. They also serve milkshakes, some classics and other premium. Although they increase your bill, they’re are well worth it because it’s not too often you stumble across Mars or Nestle Crunch milkshakes. If you fancy something even more powerful, they have cocktails. Soft drinks come from the fountain, not from the bottle :). Of course, the typical starters and desserts are on the menu, like a massive chocolate cake. On special occasions like Halloween, in addition to decorating the place specifically for the day, they usually include limited edition plates of starters, main courses, drinks and desserts. All in all, it’s a very recommendable place with very tasty hamburgers and with a well achieved aesthetic.
Restaurants in Madrid
Taberna La Bola
I finally had the opportunity to go to one of the most traditional restaurants in Madrid. It is one of the places I had never been too despite living here. The restaurant is quite affordable (a set meal for some 20€ very nourishing). It is located right in the center of Madrid, in La Bola street, more precisely. And it is a a magnificent restaurant. A unique place where you can enjoy in a very special way the most relevant traditional dish in Madrid: the cocido (stew with various types of meat, vegetables, potato, legumes... typical in Madrid). It is a restaurant where the familiar aspect has been preserved. We could even go into the kitchen to see how they make, all week long, the delicious dish, in the most traditional way as they can. I definitely recommend this experience. You cannot miss out on it during a visit of the most typical places of Madrid.
Cafés in Madrid
Mama Framboise
I was dying to try this pastry shop and this past Saturday we went for breakfast and Mama Framboise beat all of our expectations. It was packed when we arrived and there wasn’t even a single table available. But, since we’d set our minds on eating there, we decided to stick around and wait. The wait turned out to be short and a friendly waitress informed us that there was a free table on the lower floor. The decoration is very chic and Parisian, with wooden tables, short chairs, candles, and artfully-arranged pastel sofas. Alejandro Montes y Ángel Sánchez-Infante are the brains behind the pastry shop’s masterpieces. The former is a renowned pastry chef who was crowned the Best Young Pastry Chef in Spain, Best Chocolate Chef in Spain, and who won the gold medal at the Open de France for Desserts in 2010. So you imagine the delicacies they serve here. We ordered hot chocolate and coffee, brioche dusted with sugar, bread with tomato, and 2 raspberry tartlets which really wowed me. The best part is the prices. A coffee was 1.20€ and the brioche only 1€. The most expensive things were the tartlets which went for 2.95€.
Restaurants in Madrid
Hard Rock Café Madrid
The Hard Rock Cafe, as its name indicates, is a global chain of restaurants based on the aesthetic and attitude of rock music. All the spaces are decorated with objects, clothes, and curiosities from rock artists throughout the decades. However, this restaurant isn't just famous for its decor. The food could be described as classic American, and the most popular dishes are nachos, stuffed jalapenos, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, and salads. Everything I've tried (I've been on various occasions) was delicious. I especially liked the cheesecake! Your drinks are also constantly refilled in classic American style. The service is really nice and they couldn't have treated us better. The only downside of eating at such a famous establishment is that it can get rather crowded and the queues can be over 2 hours long. Is it worth it in the end? Yes. The prices are reasonable provided that you don't go nuts. There is also a shop with t-shirts, backpacks, buttons, etc. They're a bit more expensive than normal but the design is exclusive.
Restaurants in Madrid
Nuria Restaurante Etíope
Great quality Ethiopian restaurant, very good service and very nice atmosphere. As you can see on the pictures they have exotic food, which is very tasty. The restaurant is almost embedded in the Maravillas Theater, so the best plan after a play is to enjoy the very tasty Ethiopian food. The other good point is the service. I am more and more convinced that each place offering good food, good drinks and a warm, attentive and nice service is a win. We enjoyed 4 dishes, all of them delicious. From the delicious sanbussa (meat and vegetable pie) to the spicy dishes with lamb and good spices. All this always went with injera, some kind of pancake made of Ethiopian cereals. Moreover this "injera" will be the only cutlery you will have to put the food in your mouth. Remember, or learn if you did not know, that in Ethiopia you eat with your hands (if you ask for silveware they give it to you of course). If you like new experiences do not miss out on ordering the Ethiopian honey wine, a very peculiar taste. The second thing we tried was a dish called "fatira", some kind of egg dish with pasta tasting like pancake. Very nice to your palate by the way. And in between the dishes some cold beer or Ethiopian wine... Then came the main dishes. When I saw the great Ali (the owner) coming with that plate it looked mouth watering and my eyes were illuminated. It was the "doro wot", with chicken, cooked egg, fresh cheese and spicy stew. AMAZING! And to finish (at that point we were already full), a lamb dish, rice (basmati?) and some kind of very soft and very tasty pita bread. Next time we will book the special tea ritual, I think it is worth it. As you can see, it is impossible to still be hungry. The strange thing is that the price is not high at all, for some 20€ you can have a perfect dinner. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Restaurants in Madrid
Home Burger Bar
Home Burger Bar opened in 2007 when Canadian Arnaud Barceló realized there wasn’t a quality burger restaurant in Madrid and that its consumption was associated with fast, junk food. On the other side of the pond, the hamburger is considered a gourmet dish in many restaurants. He started by opening his first restaurant and now he has three in Madrid, growing steadily, little by little, with no rush. He prides himself on cooking with respect to the ingredients, using ecologic free range beef that hasn’t been fattened, hormone injected, or anything unnatural, as well as a bun from an exclusive, traditional recipe. They always use fresh vegetables. The menu comes printed on a recycled paper bag. There are various classic hamburgers (with tomato, lettuce and pickles, or with bacon, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles) and others more premium and experimental, with spicy sauces (like the emergency 911), with goat cheese, walnuts and other items. They don’t specify the size, but it’s around 160-180 grams. Each hamburger comes with a small bowl of salad, homemade coleslaw and with homemade French fries cooked in vegetable oil. Like at all the hamburger restaurants that are popping up across the city, they ask how you want the burger cooked, but I’ve recognized something over the last few years, and throughout my various visits to Home Burger Bar and their other restaurants. They used to respect how you wanted the burger cooked and now if you ask for it “rare” it’ll comes more done than before, which makes the burger a little less juicy. They have other sandwiches and vegetarian options, in addition to the typical appetizers and desserts.
Restaurants in Madrid
Casa Lucio
It’s impossible to go to Old Madrid without trying some of the famous “starry eggs” in Casa Lucio. Something of an institution, this popular restaurant in the heart of La Latina prepares their eggs according to a secret recipe which transforms the simple plate into something sophisticated and exquisite.
Restaurants in Madrid
Casa Mingo
Cheers for cider and food from Asturias! A place I highly recommend, especially to go with someone from Asturias who feels homesick. Even though some say cider does not taste the same once beyond the Picos de Europa, I love this small piece of Asturias right in Madrid. If the weather makes it possible, the best is to go up to the second floor and enjoy the terrace and the fresh air. The prices are cheap and the products sensational. We had cider chorizo, cabrales cheese and a salty pie, even though the most typical is cider chicken. Dessert? Rice pudding... And some more cider.
Restaurants in Madrid
Restaurants in Madrid
Peggy Sue´s
Peggy Sue's is, without a doubt, my favorite hamburgers place in Madrid. It is a small place is Amaniel street, subway Plaza de España or Noviciado, decorated with an American style of the fifties. The menu is not very extensive, but the hamburgers are made with top quality meat, one of the best I have tasted in Madrid. They have specialties: the Peggy Sue, the Mary Lou and the Aretha Franklin, to which you can add some extra ingredients. If you like sandwiches better, in Peggy Sue's you have different options: the chicken sandwich, vegetables, salmon baguette... They have delicious chicken fingers, fries or onion rings in the purest American style as starters. Desserts are another good point: brownie, NY cheesecake and cinnamon rolls. The atmosphere is quiet and the service is not bad. They are quite fast. Moreover prices are reasonable, although do not expect McDonald's prices. A hamburger costs 5.95€, a sandwich about 5€ and desserts 3.60€. You also have "wallboxes" playing your favorite song of the fifties for 20 eurocents. Ah, and they also have another restaurant on Glorieta de Bilbao. Be careful with the opening times, I recommend checking it on their original website.
Restaurants in Madrid
La Panza Es Primero
This restaurant, right in the Chueca neighborhood, is one of the best Mexican restaurants you can go to in Madrid. It is usually packed, thanks to the nice decoration, good service and stunning quality of dishes. I usually don't really like Mexican food because it is too fat and too little elaborated to me. In "La panza es primero" forget about this! It is not that Mexican dishes are bad, but we are more used to have what is called Mexican "fast food", very different from the flower chicken, cactus tacos or guacamole nachos you can get in this restaurant. Really delightful! The menu only has Tex-Mex food from the North of Mexico (more based on meat than in the South). For dessert I highly recommend the iced margarita served in beautiful crystal bottle. I am sure you will be full and satisfied!
Restaurants in Madrid
Tandoori Station
One usually goes to this type of restaurants either because he or she is crazy about Indian food (like me) or because someone recommended it. Well, I do recommend it. I liked it all: the location right in Ortega y Gasset street, the terrace, the service, and most of all, the food. If you like Indian food you will have to go for sure. If you are not sure about this type of food, you will be convinced trying the Tandoori. I would not say it is the best I have tried, but one on the top of my list for sure. By the way, do not miss out on the chicken curry, the typical dish, but in this place it is great. A detail worth mentioning, on the night we went there was a table with Indians having dinner. This is a good sign for the restaurant.
Restaurants in Madrid
Casa Labra
Another of my passions in Madrid. I live close to the center and my parents always took me to walk there, I am lucky enough to know some quite typical places. One of them is Casa Labra, located in a historical building since it is where the Spanish Socialist Party was created. The place is not very big and although it has a restaurant part, it is actually famous for the "tapas" of cod, croquettes and banderilla in pickling brine. The place is typical and traditional so that it is quite full most of the time, especially on weekends so I recommend being patient. During the week it is possible to find a free table but the rest of the time you will most probably have to eat your tapas standing. I recommend it anyway. The tapas are very good and you can even bump into famous people. I saw Eduardo Noriega (Spanish actor) twice there!!
Restaurants in Madrid
La Trainera
I know this restaurant well, not only because of its reputation for seafood and fish, but also for the location, the service, and its extensive menu. We went to dinner the other day and as always we can say that it's the best of Salamanca.